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Copper Bluetooth Ear Buds

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This earbud is definitely pure 100% copper that can best treat your ears. A high definition and has a dynamic audio profile system, this is very powerful earbuds that can give you an enjoyable listening experience. What is the copper housing for? The copper housing of the earbuds is for protecting your ears from too much vibration, unpleasant sounds, and gives you a good quality of sounds and music. It also has a nylon cable that is long to make you listen from your phone even it is in your pocket. You can comfortably use your phone and these copper earbuds anywhere you want. It will surely give you a good tune for all your favorite songs. These amazing copper earbuds also isolate and maximize the noise of your sounds. These Copper Earbuds also comes with a built in mic which you can use for several purposes especially when you are having phone calls from your smartphones. This earbud helps in the prevention of unnecessary vibrations that enter into your ears. The future of high definition audio This 100% copper earbud is the future face of High definition audio experience. It will surely give you the good quality, comfort, and perfect listening experience. The total package for you who are looking for a good audio earbud. This earbud is made up of light materials but 100% copper. Your music will play more than you expect it and as clear as you expect it to be. Its best feature is its silicon nylon. This is also customization where you can perfectly fit on your ears. It also comes with different sizes. You don’t have to worry about dealing with your previous earphone problems. This copper earbud will take good care of your ears by giving a long lasting good quality of sounds with its super high definition audio system. Be perfectly amaze with this Copper Earbuds!