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Bluetooth VR Goggles

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Virtual Reality Headset Built-in Bluetooth VR Goggles 3D Glasses for 3D Movies Video Games
BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH: There are control buttons on the side for any VR video or game you are going to experience, so you can select things, pause, and play, etc.
• DURABLE MATERIAL: The build construction is excellent, very solid and expensive feeling, nothing cheap here. it’s sturdy and designed well to fit on your face comfortably.
• EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY: It is suitable for any smart phone which screen size is from 3.5-5.5 inch ,more than that you cannot call it mobile phone,it is compatible with mobile phones which length doesn't exceed 175mm and width doesn't exceed 90mm.
• EASY USE: It is really easy to find programs that are VR compatible. Even on you tube, if you type something like "VR headset" you will get tons and tons of videos popping up.
• VERSION: 85º ~ 110º view, bluetooth is built in,360º panoramic video, spectacular 3D Reality Vision with IMAX effect. Smartphone turned into virtual reality viewer. Download VR apps, watch 3D video & movies, play virtual reality games. 3D IMax experience at home/office/park etc.



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