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Bluetooth Party Ball Light

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VIIVRIA colorful led stage lights is designed into the shape of a crystal magical ball ,An ideal choice for all kinds of stage or party lighting
With Remote Control, you can select several model 1. you can choose individual red/blue/green. 2. mix 2 different colors: red+green ; red+blue ; green+blue. 3. mix different colors: red+green+blue. 4. choose Auto run model, automatic changes color.5. choose play music .Then can Sound Actived 6. you can elect Flash . The color changes very fast .7. if you don't want to use stage lights , you can press Off button, the stage lights will stop working
Sound activated, low power consumption. This stage lights Is Lightweight Small(The Ball Not Big) and powerful the top its like the half of a little ball kind on hard plastic material but really durable.Long Lifespan more than 10,000 hours,excellent stability.
Easy to install,just plug it and play it.Bright 7 Color Disco Lights. (red, green, blue,red/green,red/blue,green/blue,or all the colors together) disco ball . easy to choose solid colors or multi-colored.The colorful DJ lights can be used at outdoor / indoor party.
Suitable for home decoration Event KTV Xmas Party Wedding Show Club Pub Disco DJ etc..also can be the decoration for backyard, bedroom, living room,patio,banquets or just for fun, DJ light