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Audio Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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Anbero AUD-106 Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit
The bluetooth FM transmitter work with iPhone se/6s plus/6 plus/5s/4s,iPod,Samsung,HTC,LG,mobile phones,mp3 players,other audio device.
• Simply to use, let the FM transmitter into the cigarette lighter,set a random FM channel, and tune the car FM audio to the same channel.
• Clean Sound, FM transmitter use call echo cancellation and noise reduction (CVC) technology, and support bluetooth stereo music play.
• Car cigarette lighter and the bluetooth FM transmitter can be removed,in this way,i can not just be used as a bluetooth car kit, it also can let wired speaker convert to bluetooth speaker(just need wired speaker audio line to the FM transmitter and FM transmitter USB port connect the power supply).
• Dual USB charging port (5V/2.1A,5V/0.5A), can charge your mobile phone or other portable device.


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