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3D Virtual Reality Headset

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3D Virtual Reality Headset, VR goggles with built in Bluetooth, watch 3D movies, Virtual Reality Games,
Entertainment - With this new and high tech gadget you can enjoy numerous games, 360 virtual reality videos, 3D movies, photos and so much more. You can be under the sea or looking around outer space from the comfort of your living room.
• Cutting edge technology - this headset allows you to adjust the focal distance of the lenses to accommodate users of different vision. Also the built in Bluetooth controls allow you to control your device whilst inside the unit.
• Comfort - Adjustable head straps that go both around the head and over the head allow the headset to sit snugly on your face without discomfort. The rim of the headset also has a soft rubber lining which stops irritation to the face and the bridge of the nose.
• Compatibility - This headset can comfortably accommodate smartphones with 4.5" - 5.5" inch screens. The headset is also built to work with both Android and IOS smartphones.
• Style - Effort has been put in to make this headset look as stylish as possible, the classic white and black look gives it a classic sleek sci-fi look. Unlike some other VR headsets this headset is made from durable materials assembled using fine workmanship.


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