• F & Q Our online shop is mainly dedicated to offering the most updated gadgets for the guaranteed satisfaction of clients who have a dynamic and an active lifestyle. Below is a complete list of the frequently asked questions of interested buyers.
  • Q: Can I still return the Products I purchase?
  • A: Our company is delighted in bringing you only the best products. Nevertheless, there are times that you feel like it is necessary returning the product. In returning faulty or unwanted products, it is recommended contacting us via email or telephone in informing us about your wish of returning our products. We will also suggest for you the way to send the items to us. Please ensure to use the best and most secure delivery method requiring a signature upon receipt.
  • Q: How Will I return all my Purchases?
  • A: You may call us at 800-210-9224 or send us an email at prior to returning all your purchases.
  • Q: How Will I Pay?
  • A: Our company is accepting credit cards, and debit card payment by MasterCard and Visa etc. The transaction will take place in the secure environment of your bank. We will also promise not having any access to your bank card details. You are most assured that the details of your card will never be available or accessible by 3rd parties. Upon returning your purchase, the specific amount will also be credited back to your personal bank account. This was also right after it has been approved.
  • Q :Is Your Shop Able to Promise a Safe and Secure Online Shopping?
  • A: Our shop online can promise a safe and secure online shopping without exposing any of your personal or financial information. We believe that we can be trusted when it comes to this matter. Your online purchases will also be made secure and safe the way you want it to be.
  • Q:How Will I track My Order if it was Never Ever Received?
  • A: After you have finished your online purchase or warranty claim, an email will then be sent to your email address. You may check your email for the tracking number.
  • Q: Is there any Documentation Required in Requesting or Registering a Placement?
  • A :Our company requires you to provide for shipping and contact information for registration. In addition to that, we also require a proof of purchase and payment information for handling and shipping charges. If you want, you may include the picture of your damaged gadget or product.
  • Q: What if I Ordered the Wrong Gadget?
  • A: We are deeply sorry in your case of ordering the wrong gadget. Feel free to visit our contact us page with your order number, last and first name. When your email has already been received, a service representative will be there for you and will obtain the remaining information. We will also ensure to you that it will be taken care of. Also, take note that you will be required of sending the wrong product at your expense. Nevertheless, we do not ever require for the product to arrive before we deliver the right one.
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