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The Bluetooth glasses are the best example of what happens when the newest technology combines with high fashion. The state of the art Bluetooth glasses are a good superior headset with clear audio, and great security from the harmful sun rays and comes in a very attractive design. Operation is totally hands-free that makes the experience much more convenient. Also, there are not bulky wires or a cable connecting from device to headset it is totally wireless. The Bluetooth glasses are also extremely versatile, and compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone, PDA or home computer. This device is the crucial companion whether you’re a hardcore mountain biker or a business consultant, Bluetooth glasses are the ultimate stunner eyeglasses. Talk time is remarkable, at approximately six hours. It has standby time of approximately 100 hours or so, about four days. Sad to say, with a normal standby time like this, perhaps you will need to keep up with charging the glasses more than your tablet or phone, though. The overall style and design of the Bluetooth glasses is extremely stylish and attractive. The main unit as well as the mic is not overbearing or too bulky. The weight of the Bluetooth glasses is extremely light about 15 grams. Complete measurements are 19 by 52 by 11 mm. They are just noticeable; just imagine the fusing of a super cool air of Bluetooth sunglasses, of course you will never go wrong. The Bluetooth glasses are the best solution if you have an issue keeping connected while doing active sport like jogging, bicycling and anything at all. These are made to fit your lifestyle most particularly with the option of diverse colors. When you live life on the edge, then Bluetooth glasses are great accessory to have. This will make your daily life a bit easier.
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